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Refinery Haus ▪︎ August 5, 2019

Who we are

It all began with the keen observation that software development and digital marketing were growing closer together, would inevitably intersect, and be forever intertwined. The Refinery Haus was born from the idea to build an agency at that very intersection. Today you can find us three cups of coffee deep at our office headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Developing software is a meticulous process that keeps our team inspired and proud. But learning the heartbeat of our clients and partnering in their vision is part of our DNA; it’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us up late at night.

What we do

We have found that time is the most precious and non-renewable resource for our clients. It can be really difficult to stay on top of the latest trends, educate themselves on rapidly evolving platforms, and analyze overnight marketing metrics to optimize your strategy. By partnering with The Refinery Haus, our experts help eliminate this burden by managing all of the technical aspects so that you can spend your time in areas that need you most. We focus on leveraging the latest platforms and methodologies to remove unnecessary friction both in you day to day and long term, so that partnering with us feels like we are an extension of your team. But we are not just about ease. Everything we do is in service of our mission to produce disproportionately valuable results related to the resources committed to them. Vanity metrics are nice, and they make business owners feel good, but they don’t necessarily make them money. Just like visibility is only as good as the revenue it can generate, whether that be today or keeping you top of mind for a down the road conversion. Our team is equipped to offer guidance or to design and launch an entire campaign for your business that creates an investment worthy digital footprint.

How and why we do it

At The Refinery Haus, we are operate on performance, accountability, and transparency. Working with clients in this way helps us create trusted relationships that accelerate results for the success of their businesses. We carry with us a sensitive responsibility and commitment to execute your vision and digital campaign, or product creation, with surgical precision, leaving no stone unturned. Our team members hold one another to the highest-quality standards in order to build on our core values of passion, integrity and limitless creativity. We are an agency committed to encouraging our clients to be imaginative because we believe that industry leaders are not bound to the shore. This means, together, we will determine and take creative risks. Our devotion to ingenuity combined with our willingness to pivot and be refined is what constantly moves us forward. This means that we are better today than we were yesterday, and will be better tomorrow than we are today.

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