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Joseph Gimness

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Gimness is Chief Operating Officer and brings over 20 years of software development experience to the company. Joseph is able to drive vision and organizational leadership at The Refinery Haus with his expertise in web, mobile, design, and cloud technologies.

Prior to joining The Refinery Haus, he spent 15 years at IBM developing enterprise storage software and leading worldwide teams. During his tenure, he was awarded 4 software patents for his inventions and 2 outstanding technical achievement awards (the highest technical award at IBM). He was instrumental in a design revolution that modernized legacy user interfaces.

Joseph received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from CalPoly San Luis Obispo. He currently lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife and three children.

In his free time, he develops and manages a top-5000 worldwide website that serves 100,000 users per day. Joseph has an avid interest in how artificial intelligence via machine learning can bring new solutions to the market.

Robert Lack

Chief Risk Officer

Robert, our legal practitioner, is an attorney that’s been immersed in business and tax planning for more than a decade. Robert developed a keen insight for sifting through and assessing the risk elements that are uniquely associated with small business operations. He speaks federal compliance fluently. Robert is The Refinery Haus counsel; he provides client strategy risk assessments and guides client-sourced, follow-up risk mitigation policy.

Rick Hensley

Corporate Development Officer

Mr. Hensley holds position of Managing Partner for Paradigm Healthcare Partners Inc., and OneMind Enterprises LLC. Mr. Hensley’s experience in healthcare management and software technology spans more than three decades.

Joining H. H. Enterprises Inc. as President and CEO in 1990, he worked with over 200 of the healthcare industry’s top manufacturers, suppliers, and providers, assisting them with federal compliance, market/product development, electronic medical billing, and software development. As a former member of the Healthcare Financing Administration’s (HCFA) advisory council, Mr. Hensley has gained extensive knowledge of the healthcare system. Mr. Hensley has continued his career, consulting with manufacturers and providers to improve the chain of distribution in various industries.

Through OneMind Enterprises LLC, Rick has been the lead partner in numerous equity purchases and exits over the past fifteen years. Mr. Hensley has served on several for-profit and non-profit boards. He has been a guest speaker for numerous national associations and universities. Rick brings to The Refinery Haus a great history of utilizing solution-based business logic and a significant track record of business success.

Mitch Hadley

Director of Delivery

Mitch Hadley is an experienced IT executive and creative problem-solver who continues to succeed by introducing a “culture of change” philosophy in his consultancy. This agile approach to constant change is the operating model we live in today, and with his qualifications and demonstrated success, he has added value by helping his clients evolve into the new business and operating models in the financial services and bio-pharma industries.

His recent consulting experience includes an acting COO role in an IT Field Services startup, and leading the PMO in a Fortune 100 company while building a cybersecurity program. Other recent projects include consulting as an Agile development coach, leading development in a “follow the sun” development environment for an international multi-currency settlement platform.

As Director at TIAA-CREF, he was successful in leading an outsourcing program that moved network and communications departments to an outside service resulting in a $35 MM annual savings and standing up a new online banking operations group.

Previously, he was a Partner and Managing Director with the Strategic Identity Group, LLC. This limited liability company was formed by Mitch and other partners to manage the startup of SAFE Biopharma LLC under a contract from PHARMA. He led vendor management and technical implementation teams throughout the startup. At the conclusion of launching safe-biopharma.org, the Strategic Identity Group was purchased by Verizon and is part of their identity management practice today.

Prior to joining the Strategic Identity Group, he was a Vice President with Visa USA in the eVisa division. In this role, he was a program manager leading testing of new retail and commercial payments products. At the conclusion, YUM brands implemented the new card-based POS infrastructure and executed the marketing campaign to promote the new fast-lane concept in the Atlanta market and later nationally.

From 1992 through 1999, he worked at Bank of America. As Senior Vice President of the Strategic Technology Group, he worked as a research analyst for the CFO and managed the innovation lab. The analysis of emerging technology companies provided by Mitch during the infancy of the Internet era yielded many profitable investments in companies like Ariba, Cisco, and Verisign.

Prior to 1992, he held various positions as Certified Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, and Accounting Systems Consultant.

John Wickham

Head of Product

John Wickham is a talented and driven designer and developer with nearly a decade of experience. He believes that the little things are the biggest when building products, and as the Head of Product, he brings an appreciation of fine craftsmanship and fixation on details to The Refinery Haus. Before he led product creation here, John had several years of experience designing and building high-quality iPhone apps and websites, which earned him Apple’s Wordwide Developers Conference Scholarship, and a spot on Apple’s list of the top young developers in the world.

Taylor Bryant

Creative Director

Taylor is a highly creative and detail-oriented individual who brings nearly a decade of creative experience to the team. Originally with a background in studio art, Taylor started her own photography business in high school, and since then, has become intertwined and obsessed with the beauty of websites and great user experiences.

As a quick learner who is passionate about people and the creative process, Taylor has had the opportunity to work at multiple creative agencies, and is excited to bring her versatile background in leadership, UI/UX design, project management and account services to the team as Creative Director.

Stephen Jayne

Director of Paid Media

Stephen is a data nerd at his core. He believes the answers to every business’s marketing questions lie within the data. This mentality allows Stephen to make smart, informed business decisions for each of his clients to increase performance through their entire product cycle.

Stephen has over eight years of paid media experience working in a wide range of industries, including finserv, telecoms, retail, hospitality, and automotive. At the Refinery Haus, he applies his deep love of data and industry experience to deliver measurable paid media results.

Bryan Bellamy

Chief Executive Officer

Business-aware before he was thirteen, he was a precocious entrepreneur. He independently negotiated the purchase and finance of the full complement of high-grade commercial equipment to assure that his lawn care business held an acres-per-hour production advantage that his competitors weren’t able to match. He thrived in building that first business presence; the process was music to him.

Following his innate scientific interest by studying biochemistry at the College of Charleston, his continued migration into a medical career seemed inevitable. Reluctantly at first, he was compelled over time by an ineluctable attraction to business, a draw that pivoted him into a career of serial entrepreneurism, beginning with developing and exiting his first application business before the age of twenty-two.

Today, he works to shepherd digital marketplace capability into opportunities and circumstance that his competitors cannot.

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