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The Power of Good UI

Taylor Bryant ▪︎ August 6, 2019

How Good UI Plays a Role in Your Marketing Efforts

On a digital level, UI, or “User Interface” design, is one of the most important things about the face of your brand. With the power to create interested and loyal users in a matter of milliseconds, it is imperative to keep it top-of-mind in order to stay relevant in the digital space. If you are a brand that depends on internet traffic for sales, leads or inquiries, your UI needs to be up to par. While this phrase is tossed around in the marketing world so often, do you even know what it means for your brand, or why it is important to focus on it? 

What Is UI?

In short, UI design is the bridge between customers and your digital content. It incorporates a number of elements, including buttons, icons, typography, colors, and the overall layout of the pages.

UI design is not to be confused with UX design, or “User Experience” design. While the phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually represent different parts of a well-thought-out digital experience. UX design focuses on the internal experience a customer has while interacting with your digital product, looking at the flow of the application and overall usability with goals in mind. On the other hand, UI design is much more visual, focusing on the appearance of the screens, pages and design elements that make up your website or app. 

So what’s the point of a beautiful UI? UI design works to bridge the gap between usability and nice aesthetics, creating a seamless and beautiful experience for your customers that keeps them coming back.

Okay, so what does this mean for my business?

We get it. Pretty things are nice, but at the end of the day, what does it really matter? However, it turns out that things “looking nice” are more important than we often realize.

1. First impressions are everything.

Most of the time, your digital product will be the first touch point between you and your customer. It is the first point of interaction and will dictate the first thing a viewer is going to think about you. In one study, it was found that the “look and feel” of a website was the main driver for first impressions of a site. About 94% of participants in that study gave feedback about design, while only 6% was content related.  In another study by Google, it was found that people form judgements and gut feelings about websites within 0.05 seconds. Whether people choose to keep engaging with your brand or not relies hugely on these 50 milliseconds.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your content is. How you first present yourself or your product has the potential to either keep your viewers looking and engaged, or drive traffic away. There is such a thing as “love at first site” in the marketing world. In a split second, a user is going to decide whether they want to keep engaging with your content or not. 

2. You want that competitive edge. 

There’s no question that people shop around. Realizing that your customer is likely comparing you to a number of other brands makes it important to stand out among the masses. In reality, it doesn’t matter how good your product is if nobody wants to go on your website or thinks your app is ugly. When your UI is better, you’re more likely to do better and be remembered.

3. Great UI paired with superb functionality leads to loyal customers.

When websites and apps are more approachable and usable, your brand automatically appears more trustworthy. People value ease, comfort, and good experiences, and as a brand, it is your responsibility to cater to that. The Interaction Design Foundation found that “design-centric” companies (like Apple and Coca-Cola) that spent time focusing on customers experiences (UX) outperformed the S&P Index by 228% over a ten-year period. 

It’s also important that your viewers don’t just look at your website or app; you want them to engage with it. In a study done at the University of Melbourne, users’ biggest frustration comes from the “inability to find relevant information on a website.” In short words, simply looking nice is not enough- it needs to make sense. It is essential that viewers are able to find the thing they are looking for at any given time, whether that means a consistent navigation, or just content or buttons that are easy to locate.

The easier it is to engage, the more they are likely to engage, which builds trust and leads to customer loyalty.


We’re shifting to a world where it is becoming more important than ever to focus on our customers’ needs and desires. It’s not just about the product or the sale anymore- it’s about the experience. Focusing on good UI and simple experiences is key to staying relevant in the digital space today and keeping customers our engaged and interested.

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